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Record your 60 second pitch

Record your 60 second pitch

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It is imperative you find time to prepare your pitch and set your stall accordingly, ultimately is up to you how you wish to do this however our advice points below will go a long way in ensuring this video enhances your application and does not impede it!


Step 1 – Prepare your pitch

Be mindful you only have 60 seconds so DO NOT try to cram too much information in, remember this is meant to be just a taster not the main course. Plan your pitch with the framework set out below, remember to rehearse and importantly time and trim your pitch to ensure it falls WITHIN your allotted 60 seconds!

5 second intro – This should be your name, Hello, my name is_____________________ I am a __(your current /last job title) and I have worked with the (Name sectors, i.e food / automotive) sectors

15 second self -description (Sell Yourself!) e.g. I regard myself as a highly adept (supply chain) professional with a proven track record of reducing costs

20 second headline of your stand out achievement. e.g. (For example I recently cuts costs by 25% on an £8m supplier spend through a process of re-tendering and supplier rationalisation)

10 second descriptive of the next challenge you seek. e.g. ( I now seek a challenging (supply chain role where there is clear remit to add value, where there is a challenge and a real opportunity to progress within a progressive business that wants to grow)

5-10 second close. e.g (Thank you for watching my presentation, I strongly believe in my ability to meet and exceed business challenges so I sincerely hope we get the chance to meet in the near future to discuss how I might add value to your business).


Step 2 Practice your pitch

Note the examples above are just give you some framework for ideas hence you should not repeat them verbatim, it is imperative your 60 second pitch is completely YOU and you are comfortable with the content. Do some trial runs before you record to ensure you are happy with content, structure and timing. If you are unhappy with your first recording, do not submit, simply retry again until you are completely happy with the finished article.

It is important you remain relaxed, so if after two or three attempts it is not happening, have a breather before re-attempting. It is recommended you write you pitch in bullet points a prompter, avoid a completely pre-written pitch as this will come across as a bit wooden.


Step 3 Conducting your Pitch

When recording your pitch, dress as you would if attending an interview, this is your opportunity to shine so don’t waste it with a dishevelled appearance! Also ensure your background is neutral and not chaotic, distracting or messy. Make sure to keep your pitch to a maximum of 60 seconds (we don’t mind a few under or over but we will not be able to use any submission that is significantly over a minute long).

In addition to these pointers our CEO has prepared a Video Tutorial for assistance, and guess what, He has kept it to within 60 seconds! This video advises you on the following key areas: Preparing your generic ’60 Second Pitch’, Structure, style & timing, What makes you a ‘standout candidate’ and Your compelling closing statement.

This Video Pitch is crucial in progressing your application for roles that we at International are progressing on your behalf. As such we have created short tutorial on our website to advise you on the key tips of creating an impactful ’60 Second Pitch’ that will exponentially enhance your application for your next career move.

Good luck and happy Job-Hunting with E-Mobility Search, we will constantly strive to assist high calibre individuals reach their chosen career goals.

Once you’re ready, start recording by clicking the button. You can reshoot as many times as you need but please keep submissions to a maximum of 60 seconds.