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Our talent acquisition process

pace without compromise

A tried and tested formula that guarantees success

Our robust talent acquisition processes take away the strain in identifying the very best game-changing talent for your organisation. This service culminates in the delivery of 3-4 highly suited candidates that all fit your required criteria.



understanding your business

We take the time to understand your organisation and your over-arching objectives, culture and hurts. By working with key stakeholders we are able to ensure our process and search strategy are aligned to your key business objectives.

the definition of good

Before commencing the task of identifying the best talent for your business we consult with you on the role, its primary objectives and resultant candidate profile. From this we design a person specification for your approval. This is a courageously consultative process in that we will offer our considerable depth of market knowledge in agreeing this.

let’s get to work!

Our process is tireless and we leave no stone unturned. Once mobilised our research teams across the globe ensure all relevant networks are cultivated and the very best talent is head hunted. From this contact list we identify the best candidates to talk to and discuss your opportunity.

delivering the shortlist

We conduct a rigorous selection process that includes both face to face and Skype sessions to ensure each and every candidate is both keen and capable as well as being signed up to your decision making process.

supporting your process

We will offer what ever support is required at this key stage from organising travel and logistics for interviews to helping you define and effectively bench mark your decision making process to ensure the best candidate fit is identified.

offer management

Throughout the selection process we adopt a robust and pervasive approach of alignment to ensure each and every offer is delivered within the pre-defined parameters to ensure a win/win scenario for both candidate and client alike. As a result we at E-Mobility Search currently boast an offer to acceptance ratio that exceeds 98%.