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Hats off to you for opening the inaugural E-Mobility Search candidate enhancement newsletter – “E-levate” which supplies readers like you with regular advice on how to add value to your approach. Whether compiling or updating your CV, creating a successful pitch, or talking an interviewer through the skills you provide, we’ll use this publication to support you throughout your recruitment journey.

Just as in the jobs and skills markets, the way in which you sell yourself as a prospect should never remain static. Our specialist targeted recruitment segment – emerging technology – can be accurately described as “never standing still.” This is an understatement when considering the relentless innovation within the sector, but the talent needed to drive that constant, beneficial change is similarly always evolving and ever competitive.

Over the next twelve months, we will offer you:

Over the next twelve months, we will offer you:

  • Candidate best practice tips
  • Insider recruitment advice
  • Trend-logging
  • Empowerment to overcome difficult barriers and achieve your coveted career change


At E-Mobility Search we are unafraid to challenge your perceptions. Read on for the first of many bulletins aimed at helping to position YOU to secure the right role and excel in the career YOU deserve.

right role and excel in the career YOU deserve.

Market Watch: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering opportunities

In the context of electric vehicles’ undeniable dominance of automotive industry discourse, you could be forgiven for thinking Mechanical engineers would be in diminishing demand. At E-Mobility Search we have the knowledge and experience to tell you with confidence that this is not the case.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the number of Mechanical engineering jobs will grow 7% between 2020 and 2030 in America. This mirrors the outlook for Electrical and Electronics engineers from the same Bureau. These predictions represent an expected additional 20,000 jobs apiece to come online this decade within these disciplines. E-Mobility Search can back up these predictions.

We are seeing ever-increasing worldwide demand for gifted professionals who are qualified and experienced in these fields. In 2021, the BLS recorded that the median annual pay for Mechanical engineers was $95,000 (£75,000) and for Electrical engineers was $101,000 (£80,000). As specialist E Mobility recruiters, we confirm and our latest vacancies prove the continual, strong demand for talented Electrical and Mechanical engineers in the US, Europe, Asia and globally.

At E-Mobility Search we are well practiced in filling high-end talent gaps for client companies, and we are not shy about challenging prevailing views when we think differently. For engineers (Mechanical or otherwise) pursuing new opportunities, the future remains bright, and we here continue to make it our business to match the right talent with the right business.  and

Selling your talent: the basics

1. Tailor your approach

Recruitment is a two-way street. You want the best job for you and our business clients expect us to deliver the top talent match for their unique requirements.

Tailoring your CV helps us to fit you to the right role. Extensive skills and experience can impress but canny self promoters emphasise their most pertinent competences to target a specific position.

2. Study Up

This is relevant to all but especially to any of our readers seeking a research position.

Don’t be the wannabe new researcher who attends interview armed with zero brand awareness, no knowledge of what the business does and no improvement ideas.

Decipher what it is that you offer which makes most sense for that role or business.

3. Differentiate yourself

Think of the one thing you have which separates you from the pack. Do you possess a rare qualification or relationship?

Have you achieved something nobody else has with a particular product, service or within a distinct field?

Can you specify numbers, timescales, or other details to add weight to your achievement?

Do this to really get noticed.

How to: create the perfect 60 second pitch

The 60 second pitch is designed to differentiate you from other candidates and show our business clients compelling reasons why they should meet you on a face-to-face basis. With this in mind, it is crucial that you grab the opportunity to shine.

Always ensure that the background where you are filming your video looks professional, clean, and tidy, so as not to distract focus away from you.

Ensure you use a suitable recording environment: no distractions, no noise interruptions and no colleagues, friends, or family drifting into the background.

Prepare your structure before you embark on the recording. Have a breakdown of:

  • who you are
  • what you’ve done
  • your standout achievement (10 seconds max)
  • a final, compelling reason you should be considered as a strong candidate for any role within your marketplace.

Keep your pitch relatively generic so that we can use it to market you to more than one organisation – do not mention a particular or favoured client organization. This should be about the most potent qualities that you have and what makes you stand out from other candidates in the market for the same role-type. Most importantly it needs to sell you in a concise 60-second timeframe.

We suggest recording a few different videos and selecting the one which best meets the above spec and best represents you. Our E-Mobility Search consultants are on standby to assist you if you need any further advice on this and other self-marketing techniques. Don’t hesitate to speak to your specific adviser or use our contact us page to continue the conversation.

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