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Market Watch-Insight: EV battery ranges doubling…

The EV revolution could be about to hit full throttle! A battery start-up has unveiled plans to mass produce a ground-breaking battery that could give EVs a range of a whopping 1,000 kilometres – that’s like going from here to the moon and back… twice! Well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea.

China’s Gotion High Tech, known for supplying batteries to Volkswagen, claim the first production units will hit their assembly line in 2024. This lithium-manganese-iron-phosphate (LMFP) wonder cell has already passed all safety tests and boasts a life cycle of 4,000 charge-discharge cycles. That’s enough to power your everyday electric car for many years.

With a single charge reaching a mind-boggling 1,000 kilometres, this battery could outlast even the most resilient road tripper. In fact, it puts records set by other electric prototypes to shame.

Of course, this breakthrough wasn’t a piece of cake. It took ten years of tinkering, testing, and plenty of coffee-fuelled nights to make this battery a reality. The LMFP materials used to have issues like low conductivity and unwieldiness at high temperatures, but Gotion High Tech cracked the code with new electrolyte additives and other top-notch innovations to power through the obstacles.

But wait, there’s more! Gotion High Tech has also given the battery a design overhaul. They’ve reduced the number of structural parts by 45 percent, making it lighter and more efficient. Plus, they’ve cut down on wiring, going from a staggering 303 meters to just 80 meters. Fewer wires mean more power for the car, and less chance of getting tangled up in a mess of cords. It’s a win-win!

So, while we can’t tell you which vehicles will get a boost from this ground-breaking battery just yet, Gotion High Tech is already planning a $2.3 billion battery factory in the US. EVs just got a killer upgrade. Buckle up!

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Candidate enhancement – in support of engineering women

Ladies, this International Women in Engineering Day (23rd June 2023), lets discuss and navigate past some of the roadblocks faced by women entering the profession. The emerging technology sector, particularly EV auto-manufacturing, has long been man-heavy. But fear not, we’re here to rev up your chances of landing your dream job and show those that don’t know, that women have what it takes to excel in this field.

Pit Stop #1: Breaking Stereotypes:

Let’s dismantle the stereotypes including that engineering is a man’s world or that women lack technical prowess. These outdated notions are ready to hit the scrapyard. Women are just as capable of mastering complex algorithms or wielding a spanner as the menfolk. It’s time to accelerate our confidence and showcase our skills, proving that we can be exceptional engineers.

Pit Stop #2: Seeking Representation:

In the world of auto-manufacturing, women can be rare. Lack of representation can make it difficult for aspiring women to envision themselves in engineering roles. But let’s fill the pit with inspiration! Look up to pioneers like Hedy Lamarr, the Hollywood actress who co-invented frequency-hopping technology (an ancestor of Wi-Fi), or Gwynne Shotwell, modern-day president of SpaceX. Their stories fuel our passion and prove that women can dominate this circuit.

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Pit Stop #3: Networking and Mentorship:

Tune that success engine by building strong connections. Networking at industry events, joining professional organizations, and engaging in online communities can open doors to opportunities. Equally important is finding mentors who can guide us along the road. Seasoned engineers provide invaluable advice and help us navigate the twists and turns of this field. With a supportive pit crew, we gain the skills and knowledge needed to steer our careers in the right direction.

Finish Line: Drive, Determination, and Daring:

To conquer the engineering workplace, we must embrace our drive, determination, and daring spirit. Silence those imposter syndrome gremlins and take risks without hesitation. Push beyond our comfort zones, pursue challenging projects, and showcase our innovative ideas. It’s not just about proving ourselves to others; it’s about unlocking our own potential. Each obstacle we overcome brings us closer to the finish line and fuels our passion to achieve the job placements we truly desire. The road ahead may have some tricky curves, but with determination women can leave tracks that inspire future generations of women engineers.

When ready, contact us to send us a message, call or write to us. Providing a copy of your (recently edited) CV is always welcome! Let’s discuss how E-Mobility Search can help you overcome any career hurdle.

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Jobs spotlight/Employee(s) of the month

We break with tradition this month as we write to you just before 10th International Women in Engineering Day!

We usually announce our employee of the month in this section… However, this month we’d like to honour all the extremely talented, unique women who work hard to ensure E-Mobility-Search remain the globally renowned specialists for emergent technology talent acquisition.


Collectively recruited using our time-honoured, industry-proven methods, these highly-regarded colleagues and friends each provide a distinctive skillset which we see put to work daily for our business and individual clients.

As well as this, each is a woman who knows the value that engineering women offer. We’ve personally worked with many inspirational women in this sector but they remain an under-represented demographic within it, and we profoundly welcome the chance to collaborate with individuals and organisations to change that.

We don’t negatively discriminate when it comes to unearthing top talents for well-matched, lucrative positions but if a career pivot or recruitment project requires a woman’s touch, E-Mobility Search comprehensively have you covered.

As usual, we urge talented emerging technologists (identifying as women or not!) to check our current vacancies listed at E-Mobility Search – are hiring | Powered by HireBuddy

Some of our current hottest roles NOW undergoing recruitment are:

  • Head of Product – Canada
  • Mechanical Design Engineer – Indiana, US
  • Manager, Operations – China
  • Engineering Manager – US
  • Myriad attractive engineering roles covering testing, battery design, systems, E-boosting, software, shafts and bearings, validation, functional safety and more!

View our full list of current vacancies at the link above or contact us directly with your CV today to see what we can do for you. Likewise, if your emerging technology business needs clever, efficient, fresh talent recruitment, smash the contact us button with haste.

Our diverse yet uniformly expert team of recruitment professionals are waiting, ready to meet and assist you. So, let’s talk.


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