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Guess who’s back… (with more treats than tricks!)

Hello industry veterans, fresh young upstarts, scientists, engineers and ops managers – once more, E-Mobility Search welcome all those in search of exploitable sector insights and careers advice. We can also pen newsletters that don’t contain seasonal puns around Halloween time, but unfortunately, we cannot assist on-the-move political leaders in their chosen field.

We’ve had some pleasant personnel changes at HQ to report this month, as we welcome our new teammates Jed and Nea into the fold. Spreading the seasonal cheers, our founder has recently travelled to the Philippines to meet our exciting new team of recruits who will support the operation’s strong start and ensure our trademarked high quality recruitment practices are part of their DNA.

Our brand is built upon matching the right talent to the right role and we work right across the globe with a suitably diverse footprint of skilled recruitment practitioners to match. Our work provides us the clear evidence that talent comes in diverse forms – if we were ever unsure (*spoiler* – we weren’t ).

At E-Mobility Search we are unafraid to challenge your perceptions. So read on, empower yourself, secure the right role and excel in the career you deserve.

E-Mobility Search Team

Job interviews: how to beat the competition

No, not physical violence, but a short toolkit to help you exploit your own strengths, avoid the pitfalls which many people fall into, and take advantage of our insider-recruitment knowhow.

Firstly, it’s useful to point out that any experiences you have had of problematic nerves, fumbling or not doing yourself justice are not a barrier to crushing your own career goals. In fact, all of those instances provide you with valuable material as you dust yourself off, build up your resilience and learn how to find the optimal approach that works for you. In order to build muscles you have to tear them, and you can’t make a gourmet omelette without breaking a few eggs, etc… (We’ll stop there).

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For our valued readers navigating changes in career, we suggest the following methods to try to combat some common demons that can make you pale next to your competitors:

  • Structuring your answers – freestyling it can be impressive but if that’s not working for you and you’re often left floundering, practice structuring your responses to some likely question areas you’ll encounter at interview. You could try the STAR method, cue cards, bullet-points. Do it in front of the mirror, record yourself, ask a respected colleague to grill you. Assume your competitors for your dream role are doing this.
  • Presentation – we want the focus on you and we want you to present as the best version of you. For video interviews (more common than ever now), ensure that you are well-lit and your background is light but not busy or distracting visually. Consider a haircut and/or shave if these would help your appearance. Try different outfits. Project the colleague you would want to work with, that includes friendliness, enthusiasm and credibility.
  • Ask relevant questions – this is a vital one. Asking good, relevant questions shows how well you’ve been listening. If you’re particularly insightful, your question may also illustrate to your interviewers(s) that you have the capacity to think about things in a different, interesting way to them. The interview is rarely all one way and as much as it’s about proving yourself to a new employer, you should be an active participant in a mutually beneficial conversation, and not merely a passenger.
  • Rehearse your achievements – notes (if allowed) are always useful but you should make a habit of updating your CV to include key skills, machinery / tools / processes / software you’re familiar with. A list of you’re very best career accomplishments is always handy too. You will learn to fall back on these whenever am interview throws you a complete curve ball. Think “that’s a new area for me but I do have experience of delivering x which is broadly similar in so far as…”.


For more expert E-Mobility Search tips on nailing your approach, contact your specific adviser or use the contact us page to introduce yourself, send us your CV, and/or see how we can help you.

Job spotlight: Electrifying opportunities for Manager/Director-level battery quality professionals

E-Mobility Search’s unparalleled global network enables us to present a number of highly-prized senior battery quality positions suitable for you if you have the right mix of skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours to stand out from the crowd.

The Role/s

As the main driver of quality and working as part of a truly global Quality team you will be managing your Plant Quality teams to become intrinsically accountable for the overall quality culture.

With a remit encompassing Supplier Quality, Quality Systems, and Quality Engineering for lithium-ion battery formation processes, Cell production and final pack assembly you will be responsible for all battery quality assurance on your plant.

As a Manager Your tasks will include:

  • Understanding real time plant quality issues daily to ensure robust systems are in place for early problem identification and rectification
  • Oversee ISO / IATF / TS16949 quality systems processes and ensure overall compliance / adherence
  • Manage Quality Engineering teams to facilitate efficient manufacturing process that consistently produces high quality products required by demanding automotive OEMs

You will possess at least 5 years’ Quality leadership experience within battery cell or pack / full systems arena possessing in -depth battery manufacturing knowledge, both in terms of Materials, processes, and engineering.

Don’t dampen your ambitions, contact us now!

Submit your CV to us by contacting jobapp@e-mobilitysearch.com

Market Watch: Batter up!

Yes this month we’re all charged up and ready to get talking batteries once more. They are the most expensive part of an electric vehicle and the cathode is the most expensive single component of a battery. Improving cathode efficiency and performance then, is critical to scaling up and reducing costs in battery and EV production.

This brings us neatly onto cobalt and nickel, by far the most commonly utilised cathode materials up until now. Development of alternative materials mixes which maintain or improve battery stability and lifespan, is a key objective within the sector. Reliance on expensive, relatively rare or insecure-in-supply materials to power a rapidly expanding EV sector is unlikely to allow the market to reach it’s full potential in the immediate future.

Cobalt-free, high nickel, smartly structured batteries are a goal shared by many interested in lithium-ion battery supply. These clever evolutions of the tried and trusted formula have the potential to overcome materials supply challenges, economic barriers and satisfy the ever-growing global demand for better, cheaper batteries with direct consequences for the EV sector.

Subscribe now for future industry knowledge-drops. Furthermore, contact E-Mobility Search now to find out how we can help you to exploit your talents in our always evolving tech landscape.

Goodbye for now…

We’ll see you soon..

Thanks once again to all our readers and followers for taking the time out to read October’s edition. This month has taken us to new locations around the globe and experience new cultures and beginnings! Long may these continue along with your following and support! We look forward to meeting here again in November.. In the meantime, follow us on our social media pages below!

Happy Halloween!! 🎃👻

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