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Greetings E-levators and thanks for joining us once again for another edition of E-Mobility Search’s candidate enhancement newsletter. Read on for some best practice career-progression advice, finger-on-the-pulse trend news and a sprinkling of attempted good humour.

But before that… There is a sombre mood at HQ this month as we mark the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II or simply “The Queen” as she’s known to millions across the world. She was famously one of the world’s longest ruling monarchs with an impressive 70-year reign covering a period of great change across the 20th and 21st centuries. The people of the UK, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world will note the passing of such a reliable, steady presence.

A trained mechanic and lorry driver during World War II with a love of getting behind the wheel of certain green-badged, British 4×4 vehicles, made The Queen a recognisable kindred spirit to many in our sector. E-Mobility Search speak collectively when we say may she rest in peace

Outstanding automotive professionals who happen to be female, are in demand.

At E-Mobility Search we are vocal about our commitment to diversity and inclusion, but this isn’t just lip service from us, we believe our actions should speak loudest.

That’s why we are unequivocally in search for sharp, talented, female professionals, to contact us now and take advantage of some highly rewarding positions that have opened up.

Specifically, right now, our client relationships enable us to appoint a dependable person to a key automotive position in Illinois, in case you didn’t know Illinois boasts:

  • Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry – the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere
  • The Great Lakes
  • The birth place of Abraham Lincoln

If you’re a talented, adaptable woman, have ability to successfully manage product lines with significant profit and loss responsibility, and are willing to start an exciting role in beautiful Illinois, contact us now.

Submit your CV to us by contacting jobapp@e-mobilitysearch.com 

Market Watch: Li-ion King (still!)

Recent industry reports occupying E-Mobility Search reading lists have pointed to some exciting developments for the undisputed king of E-Mobility batteries, the Lithium-ion cell. Avid readers will note that developments in this field are something we tend to focus on here, not only because we find it personally fascinating, but because the consequences can be huge.

Last month we gave some insight into solid state battery innovation including where indications were leading us to think the next big leap may occur. This month we’re going to quickly run through a few recent notable advances for current generation batteries. Although some commentators believe Lithium-ion batteries have reached their performance peak, clever minds around the world are busy creating further ingenious enhancements to fully exploit the technology.

  • Several notable enterprises have recently obtained funding for their efforts to improve cathode technology, with synthesized solutions enabling greener, more streamlined processes, better yields, and lower costs.
  • Battery packs are another area under constant pressure to evolve and there are signs that certain clever designs could improve the energy density of their packs by 50% or more.
  • Exploiting evolutions in intelligent battery management systems is another smart place to look to improve Lithium-ion battery execution. We hear that new, enhanced charging algorithms and thermal management have potential to lead to better cycle life, energy density and safety.

To be sure you gen up (for our non-UK readers – acquire knowledge) further on battery tech and all related fields when our next newsletter drops, make sure you subscribe. Additionally, contact E-Mobility Search now to find out how we can help you to exploit your talents!

Your CV 1 Column or 2

No, not a battle of classic Citroen cars, a question on the minds of jobseekers when compiling and laying out their resume. Digital communication means we all have the opportunity to set out our credentials in an unlimited number of ways, with exhilarating use of colour and style. But what’s usually the best way to do it in terms of columns, and is there a standard?

We know that if you’re applying direct to businesses for roles you’re interested in, they probably use an applicant tracking system (ATS). This is software that assists HR departments by scanning CVs to determine which ones are most suitable. If your CV “data” is split into more than one column, it can easily be misread.

But there’s a human reason to stick to one column as well – that’s because by the time you get your CV in front of a real set of human eyes, one column is tried and tested. It’s how we tend to read when scrolling the web – especially via smartphone – and it’s how we read books and many other media. The human at the end of your CV delivery will probably expect one column, even if it’s a subconscious expectation – so why diverge from that and create potential barriers?

Here at E-Mobility Search we wish to remove barriers wherever possible and connect you to the career you’ll excel in, as quickly as possible. 

Being able to innovate is a coveted characteristic in the field we recruit for – but when it comes to sending us your CV – one column suits us fine.

For more advice on nailing your approach, contact your specific adviser or use the contact us page to introduce yourself, send us your CV, and/or see how we can help you.

Goodbye for now…

Thank you for your patronage, our readership is growing and we are really grateful for the time you have taken to read our newsletter.

It’s been a busy month and we foresee an even more hectic month ahead. We do of course look forward to our October newsletter next month but to keep pace in the meantime please follow us on our social media pages below!

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